Petrol Lam Character Posters

All new Petrol Lam character posters are out for the Petrol Lam crowdfunding campaign!

And boy, are we excited! Contributions are slowly but surely coming in.

We focus our sights on the 2 bumbling loan sharks who try to suss money out of Lam whenever they can.

First is ALI, an Indian Muslim guy who despite his limp, is unrelenting in his pursuit of money owed to his gang. don’t want to mess with this guy, let me tell ya. He is the leader of the duo consisting of himself and HOCK, his loyal sidekick. Hock is like Big Chris from Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels – big on brawn but slightly slow on the uptake.

GUNA PosterWILSON Poster

What do you guys think of the poster? Are we looking like we’re having fun with this film or what? :P

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